Hello, bow wow you all… I’m Galaxy the Pug Hostess at  the Milky Way Cafe and Deli.

¿Qué idioma quieres?, Soy Bilingüe

We started the adventure six years ago as an addition to Andromeda Divers y mas, what is here since 1985… bow wow, such a long time.

We are Environmentally compromised People and Pugs we only use compostables Plastics and recicle as much as we can. We also do and organise cleanups, underwater and on land.

I would like to ask you to not use a Straw as this do lots of damage to my friends under water, as they think it’s food and swallow them.


So now to the Cafe and Deli we are located in the best Place at Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas  overseeing the whole Bay, bow wow the best you see.

And we do have the best Coffee and Cappuccino at the Beach not to say anything about Latte’s, Espressos, Frappes and so on.

Tea selection available with back and green teas and flavours

The Milky Way Shake is one of a kind made out of Avocado, don’t get scarred know, we also serve regular Smoothies, no sugar added.


Hey you all, bow wow I’m just starting know I have lots more to tell you. 

Cakes and Pastry’s are made here it always smells great in the Kitchen, there are Waffles and Hot Cakes to, and you know what, you can order them all day, as the Menu runs all day.

if you like a Great Club Sandwich or a Baguette with Roast Beef, or maybe a Chicken Wrap, Tacos or Ceviche you know, the good stuff, bow wow.

I almost forgot to offer you a fresh made Guacamole or Salsa with Totopos ( Tortilla Chips), Mexican mood… bow wow… we do have great green Chicken Enchiladas, Sopes or Tostadas with Octopus, and what the girls make up in the Kitchen sometimes, you know they make a special Menu each Month so you get besides the regular Menu something different each Month… mhmhmh bow wow.


Sorry to keep you reading this is not all, let me tell you about our special sushi deck, the second level of the best location with the best view again bow wow.

Really you will get only fresh fresh ingredient’s, with a small but excellent menu to maintain the fresh quality, well I should use the best but I think here I change to fresh fresh bow wow. 


While we added  the new Bar this year, you can get all tropical cocktails with the weird colours, you humans like, i… bow wow… prefer simply water. 

The easiest way to find us is looking for the red umbrellas on the beach or the only real Palapa (Choyero Style) coming from the street, right in front of the Fishermans Monument. 

Just to let you know i’m coming from the Orion’s Belt ( you may know it as the three kings) BOW WOW.

© 2023 by Max Carbajal




Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S, México